Summer Flowers on a Wooden piece

Finally, I am back.. here I tried to make something different! Check it out!
Colors: Burnt Umber, Black, White ( To paint Wooden parts)
Ultramarine blue, Green, white for Flowers
Sap green, Lime green, Raw Amber for Grass
Duration : 18 mins
Brushes: Angular 12, Round 1Jpeg


The World of Weird Colors

I was so busy and upset for some days… Brush, paints, tray, my mind everyone is silent.. 😦 tired to used all a little

Stuffs: Black paper, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White colors
Brushes: Angular 12, Round 2

I made my black paper to colorful with RGB colors… then Drew trees with Yellow….

Duration: Don’t know.. 😦Jpeg