How I get started?

Well, I shall say this is the most important question in my life. I started how or why it matters a lot to me. I was much more broken as a shattered glass by a powerful stone which had no possibility to start up again. Then drawing came to my life as magic, a magic which changed me a lot. Now I do not get enough time to regret with my obsessions!

What is Artoholic?

Artoholic is a place where you can see my inner world. Actually an inner world of a painter, or a person who was totally done with her life. But how she started up again, what she did with it, and how it helped…

I tried to explore my inside to all. I wanted to make my imaginations visible. I feel very good now after finishing a paint as a girl feel when she finishes up sharing sorrows or happiness with her best friends!

Why you should browse Artoholic daily?

The art lovers have a great logic of “no logic”. There is no valid reason why you should come here. But once you come here, soon you will start to see your reflections in Artoholic!